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12:19:41 AM Feb 17th 2014
Free!Iwatobi Swim Club is the quintessential Mr. fanservice anime. Please add this.
12:39:35 AM Feb 17th 2014
Uh, you can add it yourself. Just make sure that you explain how the trope applies and that you are using the trope correctly.
05:55:56 AM Apr 21st 2012
Putting Grelle here to discuss where to place them, now that we have Word of God on how she's a pre-op male-to-female trans-person. Here are the scans

  • Grell who, as a human, wears glasses, and is an adorable, clumsy butler, and as a Shinigami has long red hair, wears glasses, has long eyelashes, wears an extravagant-looking suit, acts flamboyant to the point of blurring gender lines, has an effeminate face that can look creepy at the same time, and tends to refer to his crush on Sebastian in terms of Shakespeare aficionado.

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