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07:21:12 AM Feb 22nd 2016
  • A lot of people who thought Mercury was pretty cool despite being on the bad guy's side quickly changed their tune for his role in destroying Yang's reputation on live television, tricking Pyrrha into violently tearing Penny to shreds, and unleashing the Grimm on the people of Vale, and relishing every minute of it.
This entry is a mess. First of all Framing Yang, Killing Penny and unleashing Grimm are 3 different events, only one of which Mercury is responsible for. his role in Penny's death was minimal to none, he was just covering the entrance to the Arena so no one would interfere. his role in bringing Grimm in was none, he was just filming them when they were there. Primary problem with this entry is that none of these events are any more evil than what he already did(which was my main point of discussion on RWBY page). His Establishing Character Moment was killing Tucson and later joking about it, he had already had part in attack on Amber, and if he's responsibile for the Grimm just because he was part of the group, then he had already part in the previous Grimm invasion by the end of vol.2, which didn't go nearly as well as planned only because RWBY screwed it up. Why isn't that his MEH but anything in this entry is is beyond me.
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