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11:56:56 PM Oct 18th 2016
edited by BattleMaster
I'd like to propose adding the Decepticon Justice Division as a group to the list on IDW's comics. Technically they could be added individually, but they only ever appear as a group so they really only rate one entry.

They were the ones who were extorting harvested organs from Pharma and driving him insane. All of them have alt-modes that are designed to torture captured prisoners to death in a variety of ways. Their mission is to execute Decepticon deserters, which they take quite a bit of pleasure in doing, but they're happy to take a side excursion to kill Autobots or anyone else who catches their eye.

The first time they appear, they're after Affably Evil Fulcrum (who's quite happy to kill organics and Autobots, given half a chance) and go after the Punch-Clock Villain Scavengers because they stopped to help Fulcrum out. In their next appearance, they attack a quantum duplicate of the Lost Light to get Overlord, but even though they'd promised Decepticon double-agent Brainstorm that they'd spare the rest of the crew, they go back on their word and slaughter the entire crew except for Rewind. Even Megatron found them excessive before his Heel–Face Turn, and since he's no longer a Decepticon, he's now on their list. When Trailcutter tried to help a badly injured Vos even after learning the identity of who he was helping, Vos attacked him as soon as he'd recovered, then Kaon killed him by ripping his brain out of his head, then smashes his remains just because First Aid asked that they be treated respectfully.
12:01:36 AM Oct 19th 2016
The proper place to discuses Monster entries is this forum.
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