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04:12:53 AM Jul 26th 2013
Could somebody please remove Obito? He isn't a Complete Monster. He is a Well-Intentioned Extremist, cares about Rin, and in flashbacks he was a very nice person.
01:55:37 AM Oct 14th 2013
This has been covered in the cleanup thread, but basically the concessus was A) still ongoing story arc and B) he cares more about his idea of Rin than the actual person.
12:32:16 AM Oct 30th 2013
Quick update; he's close enough to warrant cutting, but we want to wait for one more week to see if he does step back from the edge or not.
04:41:18 PM Dec 1st 2013
Orochimaru and Hidan have been moved to Monster.Anime And Manga and this page was made a redirect to that one.
07:15:10 AM Jun 13th 2013
Can Madara be counted as one? The guy is outright stated to be the most evil person in the series. He almost makes Orochimaru look like Mother Teresa.
12:34:15 PM Jan 30th 2013
Renominating Orochimaru for reviving Minato with the Edo Tensei.
01:32:52 PM Jun 9th 2012
Okay how is Kabuto not a Complete Monster. I mean what he does is pretty heinous and Zabuza and even Tobi were disgusted by him.
03:36:04 AM Oct 31st 2011
Removed Kinkaku e Ginkaku from the list, due the fact that they are... well Bash Brothers: they may be cruel assholes toward anyone else (and probably are so), but they still care for each other, so the trope doesn't apply.
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