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09:26:01 PM May 13th 2013
Why is Arianna not on the list? We were informed of the gory details of at least one of her actions (ordering the slaughter of Maggie's family, which had toddlers in it), and is the architect of the blood ritual scheme (she even gloated about "joining her father in the temple), planned to kill the victim personally, and is essentially responsible for all the shit that happens to Harry in the course of the book? Her motivation? Harry's grandpa killed her husband, WHO SHE DESPISED!!!!!! She causes an obscene amount of pain and misery purely to avenge her wounded ego and climb the social ladder.
09:30:55 PM May 13th 2013
Bring it to the Complete Monster discussion on the forums.
07:17:39 AM May 14th 2013
Allcaps and exclamation point abuse aren't going to help your case.
08:22:05 PM May 15th 2013
Fair enough. The point is she still engineers a lot of the misery that occurs in Changes, and she's utterly unrepetant about it. And she has the most petty motivations.
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