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06:13:04 AM Jul 27th 2013
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There was a wonderful entry on a little known Batman character named Camille Baden-Smythe. It was a great example on how a character doesn't have to be a supervillain to be a complete monster and showed just how over-the-top evil some the gotham socialites can be. The entry was so good, that I and some friends of mine actually went out of our way to read the arc that she was in. Why was it removed?
06:31:16 AM Jul 27th 2013
"Camille Baden-Smythe is a villain from Batman #579-581, a rich socialite who cares so little about anything other than profit that when Bruce Wayne talks about the value of helping the poor, she assumes he must be joking. When Orca steals Camille's 6 million dollar gem necklace so she can sell it and use the funds to fund a soup kitchen, a rehab clinic, and a daycare center, Camille is furious at Bruce for stopping her guards from shooting through innocent bystanders to get at Orca, since she figures her lawyers could have settled the resulting wrongful death lawsuits for less than the price of the gem. In case it isn't clear yet that her personality consists entirely of heartless, unnecessarily mean-spirited greed, the rest of the story has her kick more dogs. First, she shows up in person to put her sweatshop workers on an 18 hour schedule to make up for labor lost during the facility's upcoming relocation. Then she visits one of the tenements she owns to bribe a building inspector to ignore the horrible living conditions. While she's there, she barges into a residence where she knows the child of one of her workers is home alone. See, she needs an arsonist to burn down a nearby aquarium so she can shut it down and move her sweatshop there. But rather than just sending one of the thugs already on her payroll to do it, she opts to bully the young boy into doing it, threatening to fire his mother and throw them both out on the street if he doesn't."
05:10:35 AM Aug 26th 2013
Because she's not truly henious; there are plenty of other villians who are on her level (that is rich with no superpowers, etc.) and do even worse than she does without qualifying for this trope. Since being truly henious means standing out when compared to your peers she doesn't count since she can be compared to say, The Penguin who has does worse things than she did.
08:11:14 PM May 2nd 2012
Could the Smiler from Transmetropolitan be a valid entry on the list? He only seeks power for its own sake, will kill whomever he must to gain or keep his power, and even is said to have a friend or family member killed whenever his popularity goes down just to gain sympathy.
06:58:55 PM May 25th 2013
Take it to the cleanup thread. He has to be has heinous as he could be given his circumstances, can't show even the slightest hint of regret or remorse for any crime, can't have any ambigious actions or offscreen actions counted against him, etc.
06:14:26 AM Jul 27th 2013
So yes, he very much qualifies.
11:24:17 PM Jan 31st 2012
I think we should remove Superboy-Prime. Barring Countdown For Final Crisis, he's a bit too much of a variable to be here. He has a pretty good Freudian Excuse, and has shown remorse for his actions in Adventure Comics #4-5(which violates the rule that a Complete Monster cannot feel any remorse for his/her actions.)
11:12:50 PM Feb 28th 2012
I'd support that, do you want to take this to the cleanup thread in the special efforts?
09:43:52 PM Nov 25th 2011
How can this list not include Lucifer, of "the Sandman" and his own title?
12:16:01 PM Nov 29th 2011
'Cuz he's not a Complete Monster. He's Faux Affably Evil at best.
06:30:39 AM Jul 27th 2013
No offense, but that was a poor answer. There are plenty of Faux Affably Evil characters out there that qualify to be a complete monster. Frieza, off the top off my head, is a great example of both.
05:07:48 AM Aug 26th 2013
Err no, the point was that at the absolute worst Lucifer would hit Faux Affably Evil, because he is not that henious. This is the guy who went around hell and told the souls of the damned they didn't have to stick around anymore, and got plenty of redeeming qualities. The only reason to even consider him as a CM would be to ignore all of the characterisation he got under Gaimen (not even getting into his own title) and throw him on there because he's Lucifer.
09:18:48 PM Oct 13th 2011
Would Dr. Light count considering how much of a joke people take him as? Sure his actions by themselves are horrific, but a lot of people think DC has turned the rape thing into his power and if anything it's made him into even more of a joke character, with all these attempts to make him a CM coming across as DC trying too hard.
06:30:03 PM Jun 4th 2011
I think we should at least consider removing Cheshire. Her entry has an awful lot of Natter, and, while I'm no expert on the character, from what I gather it's only Gail Simone writing her this bad and fans of the character consider her interpretation to be Character Derailment.
08:54:30 PM Aug 10th 2011
Chesire goes back and forth Depending on the Author. If you want to alter it to read "Chesire as written by Gail Simone" that'd be fine by me. Few comic book villains are Complete Monsters under every author anyway.
10:52:56 PM Jan 30th 2011
Whoever keeps adding Rorschach? STOP.
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