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02:52:17 PM Feb 5th 2014
I have removed the 'reactionless drive' part from Firefly as according to http://firefly.wikia.com/wiki/Firefly-class_transport_ship it has two engine types: Bussard ramjets on the nacelles and an "Enhanced graviton accelerator core" that powers the main "Firefly drive". The former is conventional reaction engine technology; the latter is a bit more murky but seems to suggest the same, particularly as gravity as known cannot violate conservation of linear momentum.
12:42:03 PM Nov 25th 2013
I deleted the second-level bullet added to the following entry:

  • Robert Charles Wilson's short story "Divided by Infinity" takes the idea of quantum immortality (a legitimate — although not universally accepted — implication of quantum mechanics) and starts running with it. It is shifted toward the soft end by the otherdimensional books at Ziegler's bookshop, however.
    • Nope. Actual science, if niche.

...because (a) as the comments of other scientists here indicates, it's pretty speculative, and (b) there's no real explanation given as to how the Mangled Worlds hypothesis would explain the otherdimensional books.
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