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06:11:43 PM Aug 14th 2012
Completely did revision on this one:
  • Code Geass:
    • In a similar vein to Zeon (and the various factions of other Gundam series in general - it is a Sunrise series), Britannia is often gets portrayed as significantly less evil in the fandom than in the series. Even the series humanizes The Empire to a degree in R2, seeming to forget that they're, you know, evil aggressors. Much like Zeon, the soldiers themselves are often pretty decent (albeit with a number of racists), and even the leaders (Princes and Princesses) are often shown to genuinely love and care for one another - to an extent.
    • Lelouch is a prime example of Misaimed Fandom. Lelouch is a pragmatist who keeps his head and makes the best use of any situation, even if it involves killing bystanders/foolish allies or disgracing those that he loves, but he's obviously not happy when his subordinates or friends die, and his end goal is to replace the current system with one that's kinder and not as exclusive. The whole "Lelouch is evil" party is pretty dumb, even more so if they still sit in that camp after the final story arc.
I had to scrap the bottom half of that section, since it sounded like two rabid fans with light sabers ready for a war. I tried my best to make a civil representation of how both sides are wrong; how the Black and Gray Morality setting would dictate that just about no one is completely guiltless (not even Nunally), without making pot-shots at those who either love or hate him.
10:42:55 AM Aug 6th 2012
The Evangelion thing is just silly. The "Rei was not meant to be sexualized" thing comes from an interview with Anno where he says all kinds of strange things and seems to go against what he does when in the presence of his peers, or other anime fans, and I'm not even sure if he really meant to say that (he may have been referring to people SPECIFICALLY obsessing over and fetishizing this one character above all the others, not 'Rei was not meant to be viewed that way').

http://www.evaotaku.com/html/rcb-tsurumaki.html Shinji is not meant to be completely sympathetic. The otaku viewer is meant to relate to him, but not in a "this guy is completely justified in acting this way" sort of manner - socially stunted nerds are meant to see their flaws in him.
11:08:18 AM Jul 19th 2013
Don't take a creator's statement and say that it's not what the creator really meant; that way lies madness. Whether or not Hideaki Anno is consistent in his statements is outside the scope of this wiki.

The thing with Evangelion is that it's generally a rather nasty bash against otaku in general. So yes, Rei was supposed to hit the Uncanny Valley and generally deconstruct the otaku fetish for obedient pet women.
11:49:05 PM May 17th 2011
Are fans of Yuuno Gasai in Mirai Nikki actually Misaimed? Not are they right or wrong but are they missing the author's point? Because her getting her guy in the end seems to indicate the writer doesn't mind that much either.
12:02:16 PM Aug 6th 2013
Could be chocked up to a Broken Aesop, or the fact that Yuki himself kind of loses his sanity too, but in a way it can still count. For instance, there are plenty of commenters on YouTube who seemed more turned on than creeped out by Yuno tying Yuki to a chair and keeping him hostage for a week. Considering even Yukiteru slaps her across the face, shoots her a Death Glare while telling her to go to hell, and it's the only time we see Yuki not getting flustered at Yuno being in nothing but her bra and undies, there may be some credence to it as a valid example.
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