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01:52:44 AM Oct 5th 2011
I removed the following from the Lost entry. These aren't examples of mindscrew... a lot of them are the twist known as "mindfuck" but that's something different.

`lchair]] by this point. However, the scene eventually ends with him standing up and walking away, and it's not until the last flashback of the episode that he actually ends up in a wheelchair.
  • The first flashback scene for the character of Nikki in the controversial season 3 episode "Exposť" is eventually revealed to be part "Exposť", a Show Within a Show Nikki was guest-starring on (with Billy Dee Williams playing himself). The original idea for the episode was to have all Nikki flashbacks be part of the fictional show, and only reveal their true nature by the end of the episode. However, those plans for Nikki's story were cut short due to negative fan backlash towards her character.
  • The season 3 finale features a number of flashback scenes with a really devastated, bearded Jack. Only at the end of the two-hour episode it turns out that all the "flashbacks" in this episode were actually flash-forwards, and the Jack shown in those scenes actually made it off the island, as did Kate, whom he meets at the end.
  • The season 4 episode "Ji Yeon" apparently features flash-forwards for the Korean couple Jin and Sun, who seem to have made it off the island, with Sun delivering her baby by the end of the episode. Only then it turns out that all the "flash-forward" scenes for Jin, who was never shown together with his wife in this episode's flashes, were actually flashbacks, and Jin is considered dead in Sun's flash-forwards.
  • In the season 4 finale Ben spins a donkey wheel... and the Island disappears! But we know those people still there are alive because in the future, John Locke will have a funeral outside the Island!
  • The season 5 finale ends in such a way, that NOBODY can predict what will happen. It ends with Juliet successfully activating a nuclear explosion directly on top of a massive pocket of electromagnetic energy. We don't even see the explosion...just a fade to white. Whether or not this destroys the island or the energy is anybody's guess.
  • On top of that, a moment in the season 5 finale fits exactly with the original meaning of Mindfuck - We discover that the Locke we've been following since he got back to the island is actually a mysterious entity which opposes Jacob. This completely changes not only the viewers perception of Locke over the season, but the viewers perception of the ghosts all through the show.
  • Challenge: try to explain the plot of Lost while drunk. Hard mode: try it while sober.
  • All the above ignores the fact that the very first episode contains them crashing on some tropical island, encountering a polar bear, and then a Smoke Monster. And then, how is it that so many people seem intimately connected with one another, often unknowingly. And what the heck's with Hurley's "Numbers". Or the "Statue". Or freakin' Jacob...
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