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11:13:34 PM Oct 6th 2011
"Everybody in Inception, the most obvious being Ariadne, "The Architect" (or weaver) of the dream worlds."

So, the name Ariadne does have a strong connection to weaving, but not one that's "obvious" unless you're into mythology. I think the person who wrote this might have been confusing Ariadne and Arachne(pretty reasonable actually), but I'm not sure how to edit to reflect that the name Ariadne DOES have a connection with weaving but not an "obvious" one like the person who wrote that claims.
07:34:38 PM Sep 24th 2011
Ariel's name is Hebrew for "Lion of God", and was used for one of the Archangels.

Ariel have no obvious link to "Lion of God" or an angel
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