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10:09:47 PM Mar 27th 2013
Caladbolg and his powers
10:19:13 PM Mar 27th 2013
Ok so we know Caladbolg did not create Chaos except in the loose sense that he was a magical entity created to control Chaos and his influence got so entwined into that fact over the ages that he appears to be the creator god itself. And with control does come a certain ability to create/destroy! but nonetheless—! He's honestly only the "control", and thus he blesses whoever he possesses with the power to control every aspect of Chaos— they become King/Regis, or whoever is closest related to the vessel does. e.g. Jae Hyuk/Nex.

HOWEVER, somewhere along the way Caladbolg the magical entity became corrupted and began to "devour" Chaos as a whole, which I take as a metaphor for desiring absolute control and desiring destruction of what it controls so it could be free, possibly? But that's another theory.

In any case I was thinking the reason Caladbolg utterly overtook any previous kings was the fact that those kings originated from Chaos too, on top of him being so powerful. But if you took a human, a creature which did not originate from Chaos, it becomes literally the perfect vessel for Caladbolg, as Caladbolg cannot overcome and control it entirely. This is also possibly why Caladbolg prefers human vessels, he was designed that way by whoever created him as a safety measure! Unfortunately Caladbolg is also a highly intense magical being so it can sure as hell exercise influence anyway, but it explains a lot about Jae Hoon, and also the "curse" aka the corruption we see in recent canon— which Jae Hoon explains is Caladbolg's fault, since Jae Hoon's real priority is his brother and not Caladbolg's insane magical entity's goals, and we see Jae Hoon exercises power over Caladbolg's impulses except for whatever Caladbolg attempts to do underneath Jae Hoon's thumb. It's Caladbolg lashing out, and the influence Caladbolg has over Jae Hoon's sanity is likely very similar!

An important comparison for all this is Noche, the undead king, who apparently was close enough to a human that he resisted Caladbolg for a while but still caved in the end— this is likely because while undead are originally human, the fact is they still have that aspect of Chaos magic in them that allows Caladbolg to completely overcome and control them. Undead are technically a part of Chaos, while humans are not!

(Also an acceptable theory: Juder does whatever they want)

10:26:18 PM Mar 27th 2013
re: the corruption, this also explains why it does not affect anyone who has enough human blood in them, as Caladbolg struggles the most to control such people. e.g. Noche, Nex, Ninurta, Siana, Xix...
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