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11:59:03 AM Jul 12th 2012
IS this a shout-out? When Yotsuba meets Miura for the first time, and is puzzled because she's wearing those shoes with wheels on the bottom, Yotsuba stares at her and says "What ARE you?" Miura replies "What are YOU?" Predator anyone? Someone with more knowledge of Japanese than me would have to check out the original and see if that's the orginal intent though...
03:39:48 AM Oct 25th 2014
It's just Yotsuba being her usual curious self (“it's a thing with wheels on feet” or other such gibberish) and Miura being her usual blunt self (“what the heck does the kid want?”, pretty much).
11:49:21 AM Jan 24th 2012
yotsuba is big eater too, so asagi and her mom on sweets
11:04:55 AM Apr 29th 2011
11:03:32 AM Apr 29th 2011
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Asagi is Tall, Dark and Bishoujo, Ena is a Brainy Brunette and Yotsuba is cute girl.
12:24:00 PM Sep 25th 2011
Aaaaand...? *head tilt*
09:37:07 PM Apr 6th 2011
Could Yanda be considered Yotsuba's Nemesis... Or at least a major pein in her ass (Which trope would that be?)?
08:24:42 AM Sep 14th 2011
Harmless Villain might fit best.
09:06:41 AM Jan 24th 2011
ADV or Yen Press Translation
09:11:14 AM Jan 24th 2011
I've found that since Yen Press started releasing Yotsuba& that I don't find it as funny as I used to. I put it down to Yen Press using a different style of translation. Does anyone agree? is it just me.
09:26:29 AM Jan 24th 2011
I agree, actually.
05:55:46 PM Jan 24th 2011
edited by Haesslich
Given that the translator from Volume 2 onwards at ADV was Amy Forsyth for at least half its run, and she was retained by Yen Press right up till her death after completing Volume 9 ("), it's the SAME translation for half the ADV volumes. The change would be in the editing, and the emphasis on using more childlike language for Yotsuba (she doesn't speak like an adult anymore), rather than a change in the translation STYLE.

09:25:08 AM Mar 27th 2011
I can't speak for your opinion on humor, but I did notice that Yen Press does things a little differently. I have the ADV Vol. 1 and 7-9 in Yen Press and I noticed that the latter keeps the honorifics intact. Yotsuba also tends to refer to herself in the third person. It stands out for me because I can't think of a single anime that allows these two things to make it past the dubbing process. I guess it's easier to use them faithfully to the original when you can leave footnotes explaining what they mean.
08:26:47 AM Sep 14th 2011
Personally I prefer the yen press version. Maybe I'm being a purist snob, but I like that they're sticking closer to the original.
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