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11:59:03 AM Jul 12th 2012
IS this a shout-out? When Yotsuba meets Miura for the first time, and is puzzled because she's wearing those shoes with wheels on the bottom, Yotsuba stares at her and says "What ARE you?" Miura replies "What are YOU?" Predator anyone? Someone with more knowledge of Japanese than me would have to check out the original and see if that's the orginal intent though...
03:39:48 AM Oct 25th 2014
It's just Yotsuba being her usual curious self (“it's a thing with wheels on feet” or other such gibberish) and Miura being her usual blunt self (“what the heck does the kid want?”, pretty much).
11:49:21 AM Jan 24th 2012
yotsuba is big eater too, so asagi and her mom on sweets
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