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08:21:57 PM Nov 3rd 2012

Adult Child has been renamed to One of the Kids. In order for this to be an example of the trope, the character's childishness has to be from or demonstrated by interacting with children. This example can be added back with context relevant to the trope if it fits.

06:25:54 AM Nov 4th 2012
She looks like she's twelve, and definitely acts like it at times. Hell, her childishness even annoys some of her students, especially when she'd rather play at the beach than teach.
10:14:36 PM Sep 16th 2012
Chapter 104

Whoa, I didn't see that coming at all! Suddenly a lot of stuff all adds up: the villagers being hesitant to get close to Nagi, Soyogi being hesitant to get close to Nagi, Karin and Soyogi both being so eager to get at Nagi, the seemingly random shots of the sea and the stars, and so much else. Now it all makes sense; they're planning to kill him! What do you lot think? Can a good ending be salvaged from this? I personally predict a few outcomes. Nagi chooses Shizuku or some other maiden and is killed in the Rising Dragon Festival. Alternatively, the maiden refuses to kill him, but they are murdered by the islanders. Next is that Kisaragi blows the whistle and gets Nagi out of there. Lastly, Rinne saves Nagi from the festival.
05:41:00 AM Sep 17th 2012
You are right Molotov, the little things make sense. Add to that, as Shizuku's mother was raised as a Maiden, she too prepared to kill the Dragon God should he come during her time and now she's distant from Shizuku as she's scared her child could become a murderer and dead because of the religion, hence her not living on the island but close enough to hear the rumors if the Dragon God had returned.

And no wonder Nagi's mom ran away from the island as well.

I think Nagi will save himself and the Maidens by either not picking anyone, as he believed one could kill him, leave, or pick Shizuku and trying to talk her out of it.

If the Maidens are there to serve the Dragon God, then why does it seem like they're punishing the Dragon God? "Oh you became human! We must kill you before you get too old to send you back to heaven! You aren't supposed to be here!"

Here's a thought, I wonder if Shizuku would kill Nagi if it meant killing her unborn child as well?
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