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07:48:05 AM Feb 3rd 2015
Kurogane/Fai is listed as "Official Couple" with a "Word from God". Now, I have no doubt that they are canon, but is there a source for CLAMP's statement? It's just said that Kuro Fai is officially soulmates and canon, but no link to an interview or sth.
08:40:22 AM Apr 16th 2015
I've seen claims that says they confirmed it in an interview as well, but I've searched around and couldn't find it myself. I've removed the entries stating they're official until a proper source can be found. I'm not basing this off of my own opinion of the ship, but when people are claiming it to be canon using an interview that can't be found then that's just suspicious.
01:32:08 PM Oct 12th 2011
Shouldn't the end of Tsubasa be a Downer Ending instead of a Bittersweet one? Without Sakura's memories of Syoran, she'll never see him as anything but a stranger.
06:44:57 AM Mar 21st 2011
edited by TheTropeEater
The adaptation decay trope I think stilll applies to the anime adaptation of this series as it was a serious work which Bee-train anime refused to portray. Though the entry for adaptation decay for this series is pretty bad as it doesn't explain much.

Though I think portraying Sakura as being able to fly (she was never shown with that ability in the manga, even with all her feathers). Making her wake up earlier and talk the gang that leader out of causing trouble (though she was unconscious in the manga). Generally showing her feathers to be a good thing (again they weren't in the manga). Bringing the dead back to life (something that the manga says is an impossibility). Everything about Fay. Making Sakura into a Mary Sue by giving her powers that she does not have. Heck the demographic for the anime alone just doesn't fit. I mean the anime did break some of the cardinal rules of the manga, and it really did upset CLAMP when they saw the second season.

It was the this that made the fans react the way they did.
03:58:55 AM Feb 12th 2011
In a Crowning Moment of Funny, now that both Tsubasa & the Holic have ended, even Word of God has admitted that they too are rather confused over how everything turned out and want to re-read it.
09:44:36 AM Aug 20th 2010
Regarding "Abandon Ship", I'm not entirely sure when the Kurogane/Princess Tomoyo ship was sunk in-story. I've just done a massive reread of the series with the Del Ray Translation, and I didn't see how it happened. On the page someone said that it was "pairing Kurogane with a girl younger than him", but honestly I don't think the age difference is more than ten years, which happens to be the age difference of my parents (I do realize people have different opinions on age differences: I personally tend to get squicked when one partner could be the parent of the other. But ten years — not very likely).

I am not, btw, a Kurogane/Tomoyo shipper; I think Kurogane/Fai is basically canon. And I know that Tomoyo is traditionally completely devoted to Sakura, though I don't recall much if any interaction between the two. But the thing is, I can see how people could still easily ship Kurogane/Tomoyo. Did the Del Rey version cut something ship-sinky out of the original story that I'm missing?
03:56:13 PM Aug 22nd 2010
edited by Chiaki
Actually, I haven't read the Del Rey translation since I'm italian, but both in my country's translation and in the scanlations online I haven't seen many sinky moments. I think it's simply a matter of understanding Kurogane and Tomoyo's characters a bit better as time goes on. Or maybe they were referring to Kuro's speech about "true strength" which made it pretty obvious that a) he's in love with Fay and b) Tomoyo approves this.
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