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07:13:09 AM Nov 12th 2016
Should Shotaro Ishinomori's comic be mentioned here? It has it's own page already
07:56:13 PM Sep 23rd 2014
On the Retcanon for the early manga. Isn't it possible they took influence from the upcoming game or is the dating wrong?
07:17:10 PM Jan 13th 2012
Moved from Characters.The Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past

Does anyone know which iteration/author these are for?
05:11:10 PM Jun 13th 2011
Is there a Zelda 2 manga? I can't find anything on it online, just the first one.
09:29:44 PM Dec 26th 2010
For the sake of not getting into an edit war - it ISN'T debatable that Sheik has his own mind in the manga, it's made very very clear. The manga explicitely says that Zelda is sleeping in her mind - it's not her in control. She's completely confused when she wakes up in Sheik's body in the temple - she looks at Sheik's hands like they're totally foreign, asks about Impa, and so on. Even if Sheik manifested from a part of Zelda's own mind, even if his body is just Zelda's shapeshifted one - he's still a different character to Zelda IN THE MANGA.

Game? Sure, the game is debatable. The manga is not.
09:31:42 PM Oct 25th 2010
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I would like to see this page divided into folders or subsections for each of the manga. I think there should be a separate folder for each game's manga and for each version of a manga. (There are three versions of Link to the Past by different authors, for example.)

However, it would be a large task to organize the entire page, and I don't know whether anyone else would find it worth it. I wanted to make sure no one objected before I started trying to rearrange the page.
11:24:38 AM May 7th 2010
Took this out:

  • Another way you can tell them apart is by looking at their eyes and sleeves (a bit later), which are done differently. Green has black sleeves, his eyes have two shiny spots, and he has prominent dark pupils and smaller white (or light grey) irises. Red has white sleeves, eyes have one shiny spot (when he's not crying...), and his eyes are dark all over (like a puppy). Blue has grey sleeves, two shiny spots in his eyes, and he has smaller black pupils (medium-sized) than Red and Green with more of his white iris showing. Vio has white sleeves, and depending on the scene, either one very small shiny spot in his eyes or none at all. In addition, his pupils are the smallest and sometimes even slit-like, and his white iris dominates majority of his eyes.

It's a useful tidbit, but it has nothing to do with the trope under which it was listed (Color Coded For Your Convenience). Maybe it applies to some other trope and could be re-added?
08:55:40 PM Oct 25th 2010
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This actually seems to be somewhere between Color-Coded for Your Convenience and a non-evil, artistic Twin Desynch. It's not quite Different as Night and Day, because this deals with the visual differences rather than differences in personality.
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