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05:54:06 PM Feb 10th 2013
edited by harostar
Discovered that the Sekirei Pure Engagement art book includes the power rankings for various characters, during the Bridge Escape arc.

Stats are Technique/Ability, Speed, and Strength.

Technique 6: Miya, Karasuba, Haihane, Benitsubasa

Technique 5: Tsukiumi, Shiina, Kazehana, Mutsu, Matsu, Homura

Technique 4: Hikari and Hibiki, Uzume, Akitsu

Technique 3: Musubi, Kusano, Yashima, Yomi

Technique 2: Mitsuha, Kuno

Speed 6: Miya, Karasuba, Benitsubasa, Haihane

Speed 5: Kazehana

Speed 4: Tsukiumi, Uzume, Musubi, Mutsu, Akitsu, Homura, Yomi

Speed 3: Hikari and Hibiki, Shiina, Mitsuha

Speed 2: Kusano, Matsu, Yashima

Speed 1: Kuno

Strength 6: Miya, Karasuba, Benitsubasa, Haihane

Strength 5: Musubi

Strength 4: Tsukiumi, Kusano (????!), Homura, Yashima

Strength 3: Hikari and Hibiki, Shiina, Uzume, Kazehana, Mutsu, Akitsu

Strength 2: Matsu, Mitsuha, Yomi

Strength 1: Kuno

11:44:05 PM Feb 17th 2014
Ku-chan is very strong, if you think about it. She can turn small sprouts into a gigantic Banyan jungle in seconds, as well as control that growth in such as way as to manipulate objects or constrain enemies. But she is also a very small, very young girl who is new to the big world outside. When she grows up and gets even better control of her abilities with experience, watch out.
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