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07:02:21 AM Apr 18th 2014
I have an opinion-based question about the Viz localization of the Saint Seiya manga. Is this the right place to ask it, or should I go elsewhere?
07:53:55 AM Apr 18th 2014
May as well ask here.
10:44:56 AM Apr 24th 2014
Okay! Well, I'm curious: how IS the Viz localization of the manga, as far as things go? I remember reading the preview of when they first started localizing it YEARS ago in an issue of Shonen Jump, and I know that they didn't pull their punches when it came to the gore of the series, because they showed full-on that Cassios decapitated all of his previous opponents before Seiya.
09:54:23 AM Jan 20th 2014
Is Shiryu really the lancer in the band?

I think Hyoga makes this role in first arcs and after Ikki take this place. Shiryu is more like the serious guy and the best friend, I guess...
07:19:42 AM Oct 10th 2013
Should we make a page for Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers? I think we should.
02:09:05 PM Oct 11th 2013
I think we should wait till it comes out. So far, we have no idea how the game will end up. Aside from some similarities with the PS2 games
05:39:32 PM Dec 19th 2011

It sounds a coincidence, not a true Shout-Out.
09:48:11 AM Dec 20th 2011
I agree. I heard they changed Shun's hair to green because they didn't like the brown hair/pink Cloth combo and Ikki wore mainly dark colors because he was the show's first villain. They limited the orange, so that the Gold on his Cloth was more noticeable.
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