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05:47:57 PM Nov 26th 2016
edited by WickedIcon
Okay, something I'm a little confused about: why is Shinichi's situation at the end of the manga a particularly bad thing? It's not like he can't just... finish his high school classes and go to college from there. It's not like there's going to be a whole new parasite invasion to make him fail again, dude's practically got all the time in the world.

Is this possibly a bit of Values Dissonance between America and Japan?
04:40:15 AM Mar 2nd 2013
What's so "Armor-piercing" about the Armor Piercing Question? The parasites are infecting and killing humans, and WE"RE savage for trying to defend ourselves!? How does that make any sense?!
10:29:28 AM Jul 8th 2012
What happened to Sanae,the girl with glasses who first recognises the monster inside the school? She throws acid over it, then jumps out the window and is hustled off, clearly alive, but we never hear anything more...
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