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11:24:41 AM Jan 13th 2014
I've recently created the Headscratchers and Fanfic Rec pages. They are currently empty, so please feel free to add to them!
07:38:38 PM Oct 28th 2014
On the Characters page, for some reason all the spoilers are visible. It's been like this for a while. What happened? I don't think viewers want to see spoilers, especially for a series like this...
01:24:02 AM Oct 29th 2014
Why did you post that here, instead of the character page discussion page?

Anyhow, it seems like someone removed them. Not sure what to make of that...
06:47:00 PM Jun 28th 2017
I'm aware this discussion was opened several years ago, but I felt the need to reply anyway.

I'm pretty sure the spoilers on the character pages were removed because the majority of characters have detailed stories and pasts that all involve spoilers. If spoilers were marked, almost all of the tropes listed would likely be examples entirely made of spoilers.
06:21:34 AM Aug 9th 2012
I pulled this:

First of all, this is a Zero-Context Example and needs elaboration. Second, Dandere is a fanspeak term and shouldn't have any wicks. Examples should either go to Sugar and Ice Personality or Shrinking Violet.
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