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12:02:19 PM May 31st 2012
I removed the lolicon wick in the trope list, since it's a zero-context example that doesn't tell us anything. Feel free to add it back, but please put some explanation in - who is creeping on whom?
10:46:08 PM May 9th 2012
Due to the manga being unreadable on Manga Fox, set the link to a new source, like Manga Reader.
09:42:15 PM May 18th 2012
This page has a lot of broken links due to the mangas licensing. We should either cut out the links, or once again, Redirect them to some other manga site.
05:42:31 AM May 19th 2012
Mangafox and mangareader are scanlation links. It's strongly inadvisable to link to these, due to copyright concerns.
12:09:18 AM Nov 3rd 2012
edited by Bakazuki
Isn't it the general rule of thumb not to let the pictures do the talking for you in the examples, anyway? Just stop using 'em altogether.
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