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01:26:50 AM Jul 18th 2016
edited by Angewomon
Is Tenma and Nina really a Will They or Won't They? From my standpoint, it seems to be entirely subjective as to whether or not there's any sexual tension or attraction at all. At most you could argue that a few scenes show that Nina *might* have a crush. (Admittedly her "prince on a white horse" comment when they first meet is good support for that, but it's also possible that it was simply a joke Urasawa threw in there.) The only thing Tenma gets is what he says to her when he talks her out of suicide. And well...I fail to see how that indicates romantic interest over viewing her as something like a surrogate daughter? Or even just caring about her and not wanting to lose the one personal connection he hasn't completely severed because of his mission to kill Johan? Would this be better suited for YMMV or am I just holding a different opinion from the majority?
04:33:58 AM Jul 18th 2016
I haven't read/watched it in a long time, but I don't remember much sexual tension between the too. Maybe a few scenes that could be seen that way, but not much more, so I think it should simply be cut.
01:55:57 AM May 11th 2014
The Messiah is no longer a trope. Please readd under a more appropriate trope.
  • The Messiah: Kenzo Tenma - the guy helps immensely everywhere he goes, even if he's only in a town for a few days.
    • Nina makes friends basically everywhere she goes. Even when Johan dresses up as her, everyone in "her" block is giddy to have met the beautiful young lady.
    • Subverted by Johan, who is remarkably good at being barely noticed everywhere he goes. Most of the people in the series think that the bastard just doesn't exist because he is just too unreal. He is a Messiah for the worst people imaginable, though.
02:43:17 PM May 10th 2014
Has anyone ever read Another Monster that involved interviews with the characters, mainly about Tenma and Johan?

Of course, this includes many spoilers, but I thought some of the things said in there were really interesting.

If you've already seen all of Monster, feel free to highlight the spoilers I'm going to put down below.

Johan of all people whose obviously supposed to be a Complete Monster since the title of the anime is named after him is actually considered to be a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds when he becomes a Death Seeker halfway through the story, and some people believe he is not a monster, that his plans drastically changed, and despite ruining many people's lives, some of those said victims have a hard time hating him, and are more awestruck than terrified or filled with rage. This gives me some really conflicted feelings on what exactly Johan's status should be. I just thought I'd let you'll know about that.
11:14:57 AM Sep 26th 2013
Is "black&white morality" applicable here? In the beginning there were pure and white Tenma and rotten Heinemanns.
02:39:56 PM May 10th 2014
Monster's morality scale is rather realistically complicated.

A lot of the villains have a Dark and Troubled Past, but their goals are far from noble and there isn't exactly anything pleasant about their personality either, as many villains are shown to be Sociopathic.

Others like the thief Otto Heckel and Eva's dad are more a Jerkass form of Neutral or a lesser shade of evil than EVIL evil, so I'm not sure if that ever fit.
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