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08:48:46 PM Sep 3rd 2013
Wow...that's a lot of rearranging. Would have been nice to get a warning or something. I mean, I understand the logic behind it, but some things are trickier to find now. I presume you've got some long-term plan, crazysamaritan?
06:39:20 PM Jan 4th 2013
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Arsene Lupin Family Tree:

Arsène Lupin (Grandfather)

Night Hood (Father)

Lupin III

Riko Mine (Daughter)
08:50:17 AM Dec 7th 2012
I don't usually care about this series, but I have noticed the movies were put under Recap/ . Based on the namespace discussion, they would be under the Anime/ namespace.
01:00:06 AM Aug 3rd 2013
We're going to have to move everything around, because Lupin III qualifies as a Franchise, now. So Lupin III.
12:29:38 AM Mar 12th 2012
Has anyone seen the news there's actually going to be a new Lupin III series?


It's apparently going to be a prequel, and it starts on April 4th. Looks interesting, pretty much a return to the manga style.
08:52:44 AM Mar 13th 2012
"Prequel" is nonsense. It does seem like this will have a bunch of "meeting for the first time" stories. Which is cool and all. We still getting a movie this year?
02:01:06 PM Mar 18th 2012
No clue...they usually announce them in the fall, if anytime.
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