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04:59:18 PM Dec 16th 2013
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Somebody who doesn't suck at Japanese geography should probably edit the Skewed Priorities entry. I was skim-reading the scanslation from chapter 140 onwards while doing an all-nighter, and when the plot had Haruto move away and enter another Long-Distance Relationship with Yuzuki, I hopped over to Google Maps to check the comparative distances, and laughed at how Haruto was actually sent further away but was much less overdramatic about it than when Yuzuki's parents moved to Nagoya. But I re-tried the Google Maps out of curiosity just now, and it produced no results, but actually sent me to Kōchi, which is apparently 7 hours away from Tokyo, and has no direct Shinkansen service, requiring a train-switching at Okayama. (The only other results for "Hochi" have either assumed I meant Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam, or ended up being really wacky ones like an elementary school and a park in Kitami, Hokkaido, or something called Hōchi Hamajimachō Hazako in Shima, Mie Prefecture.)

Regardless of whether Google Maps decided Hochi doesn't exist or I suck at spelling and should probably not be doing TV Tropes edits while running on no sleep, that part definitely needs to be revised by somebody who actually knows where Hochi is and how far it may be from Tokyo.
09:27:13 AM Sep 19th 2013
I think someone who's been editing the page has been having a bit of trouble distinguishing Nanami from Asuka. I've noticed this in regards to the "false rape accusation" bit, and the "pair the spares" trope, there might be others.

To distinguish, Nanami's the demure girl Haruto has a crush on at the start of the series but treated like an afterthought in favor of Eba, Asuka's the softball playing tomboy that Haruto dates for a while but dumps to get back together with Eba. They both have short hair, but Nanami's is more composed for the most part, Asuka's spreads out where it reaches her face and ears, Nanami's about two inches taller and as Asuka has noted, has much larger breasts.
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