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07:11:07 PM Dec 3rd 2016
So... is this the main page, or Franchise.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure?
07:03:05 AM Dec 4th 2016
It doesn't have enough other pages under different namespace to qualify for a franchise. see this thread.

Even if it did, the move was poorly done. A franchise page is a supplementary page covering all the different works and the tropes covering the whole franchise. It doesn't replace a page dedicated entirely to the manga, which was the case.
04:37:22 AM Oct 11th 2016
Hey Its That Voice was reworked into Role Association meaning that the rather extensive page that we had is now gone. Would it be a good idea to remake the page by grabbing it off a web archive? (e.g.
07:37:46 AM May 6th 2015
I realize that this would require a lot of effort, but I think we should separate the article into multiple ones, one for every part. The article is just too big as it is, the introduction especially.
05:26:53 PM Nov 9th 2015
Basically a Trope page for every Part?
03:47:17 PM Apr 22nd 2016
Yeah, I agree that the page is getting extremely big, not to mention that some parts have a disproportionately big ammount of tropes (like Part 2 and 3) specially compared with Part 5 or Part 6. Separating each part would be a lot better.
05:41:14 PM Apr 22nd 2016
Honestly, I can't believe this didn't happen much earlier. The Parts are basically different works.
06:02:34 AM Feb 28th 2014
Question about Invisible to Normals: Does that mean Oingo's power is completely useless against a non-stand-user since it's a purely illusion-based stand?
09:10:56 PM Dec 6th 2015
Stands that are bound to objects as opposed to using their Fighting Spirit forms are visible to normal people. In a similar way to how Thoth is bound to a comic book, Khnum is bound to Oingo's face.
01:28:44 PM Dec 20th 2013
Can anyone fill in the famous roles of the voice actors that played a character in the Jo Jo anime / ASB game that I've listed in the trivia section? I haven't really played much games or watched a lot of anime recently so I can't tell which character this voice actor was famous for.
02:36:21 PM Nov 28th 2013
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In the Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure video games, Hol Horse looks like he has two stands: The Emperor and some weird assassin...shadow...thing. A good example would be his GHA in ASB, when Hol shoots the bottle, he appears in the glass. Who is that stand?
04:11:47 PM Dec 11th 2013
This should go in the Headscratchers page of Jojos Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle, but to answer your question, that's supposed to be J. Geil's stand, Hanged Man, who assisted Hol Horse in the manga.
08:26:46 AM Sep 8th 2013
I propose that the tropes specific for each part be divided into 8 folders, one for each part, to avoid giving away major spoilers of part 2-7 for people who want to start the story with Phantom Blood. How's that for an idea?
10:23:36 PM Oct 5th 2013
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I concur. Huge effort required though. Ugh.

EDIT: Well, moderately large, at any rate.
05:01:59 PM Jan 9th 2015
This had been proposed way back in 2010, as can be seen below, and yes, I agree this should be a thing. Also like I said below, I believe the franchise, having mangas, animes, games and novels, meets the requirements to have a Franchise/ page.
04:26:23 AM Jun 12th 2013
That Shout-Out bit, was the Touhou reference really necessary?
07:07:57 PM Jan 17th 2013
Anybody else think we should split up the tropes into Recap pages for the eight separate parts at some point? Probably should've brought this up before I was halfway through reading part 4...
10:45:40 AM Dec 25th 2012
Sorry to bother, but I've heard that there are better scanlations of Diamond is Unbreakable and Vento Aureo, as opposed to the infamous DUWANG ones, yet I'm having trouble finding them. Can someone help me out here?
12:05:51 PM Dec 25th 2012
There's an ongoing project to properly translate Diamond is Unbreakable (it's a little over halfway through at the moment) that you can find by googling 'The Unbreakable Trio'.
03:43:10 PM Dec 26th 2012
Okay then. But what about Vento Aureo?
04:23:29 PM Dec 26th 2012
It's only on the first couple of volumes, but the JoJo Project is doing those (check the tumblr site rather than the blogspot one)
04:26:14 PM Dec 19th 2012
Is there a reason urutapu is changing all the music based names in Part II to Engrish? Because I'm reverting them back otherwise.
11:56:21 AM Mar 27th 2013
Urutapu's reason is based on accuracy to the original Japanese text.

However, I refuse.

(to believe that this is sufficient for breaking all the good references that were intended)
06:18:46 AM Oct 20th 2012
Shouldn't the main article have a rewrite? It doesn't mention the stands, for instance, which is a very important part of the series part 3 onwards.
01:25:00 PM Jul 20th 2012
What Do You Mean, It's Not Awesome? has been renamed to Mundane Made Awesome. The entry for the trope here simply said, "The entire series", which sounds suspiciously like misuse, but I can't be sure, since I don't know the series. Please feel free to re-add under the new name if the trope actually apples, but please, also, provide a little more context.

09:37:41 AM Apr 23rd 2012
Re cut: This one has 78 inbounds. Please don't cut it.
03:35:44 AM May 12th 2011
silver2195, can you please explain why you decided to remove every single YMMV from the Character Page? Last time I checked, YMMV tropes were fair game in the Character Pages.
08:53:53 AM May 3rd 2011
Part 8 confirmed recently, should probably edit the header to mention this, as the chapters for it will becoming out in about two weeks
06:37:18 PM Mar 31st 2010
Would fellow tropers be for dividing the series into subpages by Part, and having the main page be tropes universal to the whole series?
08:36:56 PM Apr 9th 2010
I think the series is expansive and diverse enough to warrant it.
11:20:28 AM Jul 19th 2010
edited by AM_NK
What about creating a page for the Fighting Game? I would start it, but I don't know enough for it.
07:13:09 AM Sep 1st 2012
I agree with that.
10:13:06 AM Jun 16th 2013
I agree with this. I also think the anime should have it's own page as well. Maybe a Franchise/ page for the series is in order?
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