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12:50:12 PM Jan 19th 2017
This needs to be redone to remove the scanlation page links while preserving the information.

  • Art Shift:
    • This is the first look we get at the girls in the manga, a very deliberate attempt to make the readers think this will be a serious romance/drama in the vein of Kodomo no Jikan. Then on the next page we get a better look at them.
    • Episode 11's ending is animated in a notably different style from the rest of the show. Episode 8's is as well, using a watercolor style.

05:34:22 PM Oct 21st 2014
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Well how can I define the character Hiiragi in contrast with the character Hiiragi Hinako from Chitose get you! ? Like when a character is extremelly similar to another character, to the point of having the same name? They live in similar settings too, with a protagonist that likes a man several years older... I was sure that was something like the Tezuka's star system, but Hanamaru Kindergarten and Chitose get you have different mangaka (though I can´t verify if theirs a pseudonym involved)... Some idea of how I can list this particular feature?

Até mais ver mr. Poneis
06:34:55 PM Oct 21st 2014
Expy if it's deliberate. Counterpart Comparison if fans often make the connection.
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