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12:34:58 AM Jun 11th 2015
This whole entry makes no sense to me. It seems to imply that the manga is treating Obama/Omaha as an idiot, while he's portrayed as a goofy and over-the-top parody, but ultimately a Lawful Good and Badass character that manages to fight the Big Bad basically to a draw with sheer determination.

  • Take That!: The entire Gamble Tournament Arc can be seen as one long subtle Take That! to President Obama as many of his actions throughout the arc can reflect many scandals the President in Real Life has been involved in:
    • The fact that the only thing the audiance is able to say about Omaha is that he is the president and the first black president, which to a good portion of people that is the only accomplishments he has actually gained.
    • Headmaster Shishidou commented on Omaha not minding his own business after reviving the Gato sisters is such an American style. He could be referring to America's terrible habit of excessive foreign interventions or Obama's habit of getting involved on things that shouldn't be a Presidential matter.
    • His attendance at this Gambling Tournament can reflect how he is usually grilled by the fact that he takes too many vacations.
    • His casual use to spending the entire US Deficit on a single bet ($800 Billion) reflects Obama's casual spending of government money where he has added $6.5 trillion to the US overall debt.
    • His casual agreement to letting Abidani deface the US National Monument Mt. Rushmore in a trade for Abidani's gloves can reflect his horrible negotiation trades such as when he traded 5 high ranking terrorist (and $6 million) for one soldier that has later been charged with desertion.
    • Then there is the fact that Omaha seems to be confident and proud in the gambling match, but as soon as the match starts he is "sweating bullets" and seems to look like he has no clue as to what he is doing. This could reflect some of Obama's harshest critics who claim despite becoming President he has no clue how to actually be President. Abidani even calls out Omaha on this and tells him he should just quit being President.
    • And when King Omaha keeps referring to himself as King of the World reflects on how most have commented that Obama treats his presidential position as if he was king (ignoring laws or overreach of using Executive Orders), along with one time mentioning he liked it when someone called him an emperor.
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