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02:14:38 PM May 10th 2014
Since it's technically YMMV I'm not sure if this is that important, but has no one even mentioned Tohru's "Rice Ball with a Plum on it's Back" speech to Kyo?

You could argue it Tastes Like Diabetes, but I thought it was adorable. XD

There was even a cute fan art that a page on Fruits Basket posted of it. ^^;

It's doubly heartwarming when you realize Tohru is saying a rice ball may seem ordinary, but deep down they have a special plum on their back that they can't see, and Tohru is said to be that Rice Ball in a Fruits Basket. :)
11:10:40 AM Nov 20th 2012
Was the iffy language in this show really necessary to get the point across? I could think of thousands of more appropriate words that could've been used instead? Cussing is not only unnecessary but it's also not funny, so why use it in anything, let alone something Tweens and Teens will want to see/watch? What do you think about iffy language in the media in general? Please tell me what you think (please use appropriate language, though; I'd like to use your responses for a school project, and I will ask permission).
08:39:58 AM Apr 19th 2013
Would somebody please reply soon!? I'm king of going crazy here.

02:12:27 PM May 10th 2014
Considering how long ago this was, I'm not sure if this is still important to you (although your response to yourself seems to span the course of 6 whole months). Well, here's my reply anyway.

"Cussing is not only unnecessary but it's also not funny, so why use it in anything, let alone something Tweens and Teens will want to see/watch?"

It may be unnecessary and crude, but I think you're forgetting that cursing is sometimes what makes a T-rated game rated T, especially from anti-heroic characters who are otherwise and example of Jerk with a Heart of Gold or Good Is Not Nice.

For example, Haseo from .Hack//G.U. says "bastard" quite frequently about one of the villains in the third and last game of the trilogy in the beginning climax.

So whose the villain? That would be Sakaki

Anyways, plenty of teens curse in real life. Perhaps you can find another way to phase those lines yourself?
07:06:16 AM Jun 4th 2014
I think the amount of profanity we expose ourself to in media is a barrier we have to set for ourself individually, not as a group. We have to decide how much we want to see. Now, speaking as a devout Christian, I think that I personally have chosen to take extra caution, but I still occasionally watch shows that have quite a bit of profanity. I'm just very careful about not watching too many shows with tons of iffy language.
03:44:54 PM Mar 8th 2012
  • Cute Shotaro Boy: Momiji Sohma. He hits a significant growth spurt later on in the manga, but retains his childish personality. Older than he looks.
    • Until he confesses his love for Tohru, at which point he starts acting a lot more mature.
    • Also, Hiro Sohma.

One, Cute Shotaro Boy has been renamed to Adorably Precocious Child. Two, this trope is highly misused and this example suggests that it does not apply; please check the definition at Adorably Precocious Child before re-adding.
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