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09:02:12 AM May 5th 2018
edited by ferfrnir
I did a small edit at the Out-of-Character Moment voice in the main page, adding an explanation and deleting the following line: "(and specially when he openly tells 007 to stop mourning his friend because his pain was less important than that of a girl he has just met hours ago)". I checked both the original Japanese and the English dub, and he doesn't say those words in either version, so I took it out.

That said, I'd be curious to know where this comes from, if anyone knows: a bad fansub, rumors, something else entirely?
07:44:26 PM Sep 14th 2015
Does anyone know how to add a 'Headscratchers' sup-page to the Cyborg 009 page? Because I've got a major one I want to add. Namely, why did Black Ghost even bothering abducting random strangers to experiment on in the first place? They could have just used some of their own men, who would probably be much more reliable and trust-worthy than some yahoos that hadn't even heard of Black Ghost before now, much less be willing to become cyborgs. As far as I can tell, there isn't much reason if any given for this. I know that this needs to happen in order to have a story, but it a crucial story element makes you wonder why this story should even exist (at least as it is written,) then maybe there shouldn't even be a story.
05:46:03 AM Sep 16th 2015
edited by jormis29
At the top of the work page there is a button on their called "+ Create New", click on that and then click on the "Headscratchers" option. You should then be in the edit page and voila.
05:54:13 AM Sep 16th 2015
Don't forget to Index it.
01:51:19 AM Jul 29th 2012
Considering the large amount of Cyborg 009 media, I'm thinking that maybe it's time for folders to keep everything straight.

Is this an alright idea?
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