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02:33:37 PM Dec 8th 2014
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I'd like to add an ending trope about how the anime basically just abruptly stops around halfway through the manga (with a few things skipped and a few others from later in the manga pulled forward a bit in edited form for the episodes near the end), with a vaguely optimistic and conclusive emotional tone given to the ending scenes; but I'm not sure exactly whether that should be Cut Short, No Ending, or something else. My best guess is Cut Short, but I can't find anything suggesting exactly why it ends the way it does (whether it was really cut short, or was always planned not to cover the whole thing). Also made a little tricky because the manga wasn't quite finished when the anime was produced, but it was pretty close, and the anime stopped well before they ran out of published manga material.

Any thoughts on what to go with here? Also, if anyone actually knows anything about that production decision, that would be good to know.
04:46:10 PM Aug 22nd 2014
why doesnt this have a WMG page?
01:48:03 AM Aug 23rd 2014
Because nobody started one. If you want, you can start one on WMG.B Gata H Kei.
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