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02:55:43 PM Jan 10th 2014
I've read the entry about Idiot ball, and I can only think it goes beyond Honor Before Reason.

We are led to believe the principal is a complete mastermind, able to outwit even Koro-Sensei, but on the other hand he hurts the whole assassination process just to defend a fixable system.

Wouldn't it be easier to accept Class E's advances, coaching them into becoming even greater... and then crushing class D as punishment for being inferior to the rejects?

His system works with fear, but even tricks are running short if class E can go toe to toe against class A, and that fear will disappear, but if you tell the rest of the classes that "not even outside E you're safe" the motivation will skyrocket, and next years will be even more gruesome.

IMHO he is wasting an amazing opportunity to enhance even more his system, helping save the world, and maybe being thanked by the same kids he condemned to ostracism. Rich, able, influential, and deadly kids.
07:13:35 PM Jan 21st 2014
The man is almost certainly The Sociopath, and this is part of the reason why. Two traits of sociopathy are being poor at long term planning, especially in regards to consequences, and having a grandiose sense of self-worth. While he is willing to take action or make adjustments to protect his system, the most important thing is that it's "his system." Like with the way he fired Takaoka, he cannot accept being overruled or forced to change his course by someone else, no matter that the new way might be better than the old one. So, the trope Honor Before Reason applies, but by literal definitions, it'd be more like Vainglory Before Reason.
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