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08:56:27 AM Jan 20th 2016
Links to scanlation pages are verboten. This entry needs to be rewritten to removed the links and provide the needed context so it can be put back on the page.

01:25:04 PM Jan 4th 2013
I removed the following example because it doesn't indicate which meaning of Tenchi Solution it referred to:

03:34:48 PM May 15th 2012
edited by Oreochan
This example needs more context:

05:37:13 PM Aug 2nd 2010
I have to say, when I started reading this manga, I was really confused by his like of legs. Before reading, I thought he likes long, shapely legs, with thick but firm thighs that taper down to slim calves. When he saw the legs on that anime girl I thought "Is there anyone like that in real life, or in any anime?" But low and behold when he saw the teacher with those legs I couldn't help but think "Damn, that is disturbingly sexy!". I only read the first chapter but could not get those legs out of my head for several hours. So, I was wondering what other anime have girls with these legs, or if there are any real life women like this.
02:39:59 PM Jul 25th 2010
I stumbled across this page by chance and decided to do what I can to cut down on Trope Decay:

Captain Ersatz:(not exactly, but two characters are clearly inspired by Evangelion's: Sensei Tsubame has purple hair, drinks heavily, and is a car nut/crazy driver Misato. Sakurako has orange hair with red ribbons, blue eyes, and a fiery temper Asuka Langley Sohryu.)

  • This troper finds that this manga is very similar to Love Hina in terms of characters. Sakurako = Naru, Yukari = Shinobu, Kirino = Motoko, and Tsubame = Mitsune; however Hachibei is not like Keitaro, except for the tendency to get beaten up by the girls (usually with good reason).

According to the Laconical Listof Subtle Trope Distinctions, a Captain Ersatz is "A duplicate from another work, which is supposed to be that character." while an Expy is "inspired by that character." Therefore, I'm changing these listed examples to Expy, although being unfamiliar to any of the manga/anime compared, I have no clue as to whether the examples being drawn are at all accurate; they might be Harem Anime stereotypes (I don't watch too many Harem anime). If this is the case and someone would be so kind as to totally remove this example, I would be much obliged.

Also changing "Broken Aesop" to "Family-Unfriendly Aesop" even though I personally am not sure whether these are even Aesops at all:

  1. Broken Aesop (If someone doesn't understand love and only likes you for your breasts, wait for him at least he's honest about it)

  • ( It doesn't matter if you stabbed your father with a knife, as long as your body parts are fine, then you must be a good person.)

Moved "Snap Back: (A number of chapters end with Maeda making progress with his relationships with the girls, only to undo it all, or at best most of it, by saying or doing something stupid and/or perverted)" To "Reset Button" because, as is obvious in the description, the writers make an effort to put things back to normal by the chapter/episode/whatever's end.

Any changes that anyone would like to make to *these* changes are welcome.

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