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03:51:18 PM Jul 18th 2013
This is Not a Zonk; it's Second Place Is for Winners or some form of Karma...
  • Parodied in the Drake & Josh episode Peruvian Puff Pepper, where Megan orders the eponymous condiment for her salsa which she will enter in a salsa-making contest where Drake and Josh are one of her rival competitors. This pepper ensures her victory in the contest. The brothers manage to steal the pepper from her, much to her anger for being unable to retrieve it from her denying brothers. When the brothers had used the pepper for their salsa and won the contest, Megan tricks them to reveal the "secret ingredient" of their salsa. It is then revealed that the pepper is illegal due to causing kidney failure and chapped lips, thus disqualifying the brothers' salsa. Since Megan is in second-place, she gets the first prize plasma TV instead.
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