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02:48:18 AM Mar 31st 2012
I see a serios problem with a number of the examples on the playing with pages. On tropes used over a long peroid of time, as opposed to just as a one time thing, the zigzagged example is just, "used sometimes, sometimes not used. That seems more like inconsistant than zigzagged.
02:12:16 PM Feb 15th 2012
I think this of all tropes is falling into Trope Decay. The only kind of Zig-Zagging Trope I ever see on the Playing With Wiki is a string of subversions.
08:45:45 PM Nov 20th 2010
Anyone mention the good old joke-form: "Good-news / Bad-news / good-News / bad-News ..." ??? Do i need an example? Naaahhh... - surely not...

- Uncle Sumer -
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