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03:30:25 AM Feb 24th 2013
edited by Acebrock
All Zero Context Examples. If you have context, please add it and return it to the main page, and create a new folder for real life examples, of course:

11:40:27 AM Jan 18th 2013
How come there are no non Japanese examples?
07:28:09 AM Aug 8th 2010
Are there more yuri fangirls or fanboy? It seems like the former by a landslide
08:22:47 AM Aug 8th 2010
edited by CBanana
I can only talk about anecdotal evidence, and what's on tracked on YouTube. In anecdotal terms, I'd say yuri fandom is fairly close to being about 50/50 in terms of gender representation. The only somewhat formal tracking that I've seen has been YouTube statistics for yuri video viewing which suggest that the yuri fandom at the very least leans female. Unforunately, we don't have an unbiased scientific poll to really find out what the fandom demographics are.
05:41:26 AM Jul 6th 2013
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The only reason why Yuri seems a more 50/50 genre in terms of gender, is because Bara is usually not considered a subgenre inside Yaoi. Once you put Bara as part of Yaoi, there's as much yaoi fanboys as yaoi fangirls. Also keep in mind that most of those Yuri fangirls are probably lesbian or bi. In any case, Yaoi is far, far more popular among girls than Yuri.
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