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03:14:30 PM Sep 20th 2014
edited by DaibhidC
Is there a citation for the claim that the Fraggles were meant to be smaller than the puppets? If so, you'd think someone would have realised realise Uncle Travelling Matt (who interacts with humans all the time) simply doesn't work.

Camera tricks were certainly used to make the Fraggles tiny compared to the Gorgs, but I always though that was meant to indicate that the Gorgs were huge.

EDIT: According to 'Tough Pigs'', Fraggles being tiny is is a common misconception. Also, a Tough Pigs video showa that the Fraggles on the Gorg side weren't just done with camera tricks, but with smaller puppets. So it would have been really easy to use those puppets in the human world if they wanted to, but they didn't. On the basis of this evidence, I've pulled it.

  • The Fraggles in Fraggle Rock are (on average) 18 inches tall. The actual puppets were twice that size, but split-screen and other visual tricks were used in the rare times they interacted with a human, dog, or other thing that could be used as an easy scale reference. Usually. There are some times when it's clear the Fraggles aren't really that small, most obviously during their appearance in A Muppet Family Christmas.
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