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01:14:41 AM Nov 1st 2010
Two issues here.
  • Include "attraction to normal humans considered kinky when it's done by other intelligent lifeforms" or not?
  • How to categorize the Xykon example?

The following example was removed by Peteman:

  • in Order Of The Stick, Xykon refers to people sexually attracted to living humans as "disgusting biophiliacs". His disapproval may or may not be restricted to undead such as himself or it may include human biophiliacs as well.

Now, we can't be sure if he meant that EVERYONE attracted to living humans are "disgusting biophiliacs". If he did, it's a clear example regardless of whether we should include the above or not. But if he only meant undead such as himself, then it's a issue of the above definition issue.

Moving on to the subject of what Xykon really meant, Peteman wrote:

"I removed this because the term biophiliac seemed to be the inverse of a necrophiliac, that is, a dead person who has sex with living people, rather than living people who have sex with each other."

While you are right that it's the inverse of necrophiliac, I disagree with your definition.

You seem to define necrophilia as "a living person attracted to the dead".

The definition I'd rather use is "a person attracted to the dead, period". In Real Life, ALL persons who can feel attraction are living persons, making your definition and mine identical for real life cases. However, in a fantasy setting where the dead have feelings... meh. :-)

If two liches are in love with each other, are they both necrophiliacs`probably? As far as I'm concerned, the thought of them making out is High Octane Nightmare Fuel. In the same way, wouldn't Xykon be equally disgusted by Elan and Haley making out with each other, considering them both to be "disgusting biophiliacs"?
01:23:18 AM Nov 1st 2010
Updated the example, so it better fits the trope even with the more limited definition:

  • in Order Of The Stick, Xykon refers to people sexually attracted to living humans as "disgusting biophiliacs". While his statement is about himself, that he's not that kind of person, he'd probably be just as grossed out by living biophiliacs: That the thought of two humans making out with each other is just as disgusting to him as the thought of two liches making out with each other is to the average living human.

Back to the subject of whether or not the "cross life-form" issue should be included in the trope, I'm hereby bump one of my posts from the YKTTW:

"I'm a bit conflicted:

  • In Fables, there's a talking porcupine who has been cursed with a perferse sexual desire for human females. He tricks them into kissing him by pretending to be an enchanted prince.

Should this kind of examples be included in this trope or not?

I'm leaning towards not, but I'm not sure. I mean, the taboo aganist sexuality between humans and real animals is one thing, but talking animals? And with the animal being considered perverse, not the human. Hmm."

Noone replied to that post, so I simply ignored the issue and didn't include the example. Leaving it here now, in case someone has any input in the future.
07:55:11 PM Oct 31st 2010
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