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03:43:25 PM Dec 13th 2016
I'm starting to feel that Phil Coulson had this feeling in Paradise Lost when Fitz tried to assure him that Grant Ward deserved to get his chest caved in by him (Coulson). The trope is because Coulson killed Ward in cold-blood out of payback for killing Rosalind and he's not proud of what he did as killing people in cold-blood out of payback is not what S.H.I.E.L.D. does. It's to the point that not only does Coulson's decision haunt him, he feels that Ward actually won and by killing Ward, Coulson inadvertently brought Hive to Earth with Ward as his vessel.
08:32:30 AM Aug 1st 2016
I'd like to add a particular quote from The Red Green Show to the quotes page, but it's Harold approving a decision Red made, and Red is ashamed of Harold's approval.

The problem is that the trope descriptions speaks of villainous characters approving of heroic ones' dirty deeds, but Harold isn't villainous and Red's decision wasn't dirty, so I'm not sure it fits.
09:12:00 PM May 28th 2017
I kind of know how you feel. There's a scene in a BATB fanfic I like, where Belle thanks Gaston for saving her other suitor from wolves, when in reality Gaston had seen the guy go the wrong way, and had just barely chickened out of taking advantage of the situation. Gaston had already been going through quite a bit of a heel-face turn in this story, and her calling him a hero instead makes him tell her point blank what had really happened.

To me, at least, it sounds like YAFMWS, but with the usual roles almost completely reversed.
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