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02:47:20 PM Apr 26th 2010
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Hello! Could someone tell me where I could read the missing paragraph from this short story, the one that specifically mentions Reagan? I own Young Zaphod in three forms (once in the "Ultimate" edition, once in the "Literary Classics" edition, and once more in The Salmon of Doubt) but none of them feature the missing paragraph. Mind helping out this hoopy frood?
04:31:23 AM Apr 27th 2010
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It's not a whole paragraph, just a phrase in the last sentence. It's in my copy of Salmon of Doubt, I don't know what to tell you except to just copy it out:

He also heard the Official from the Safety and Civil Reassurance Administration issue instructions to the effect that the missing escape capsule contained a "Reagan" and that the planet in ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha must be made "perfectly safe."

It's upsetting to find out it wasn't just the omnibus that left it out.
03:40:23 PM Apr 27th 2010
Ah, thank you! I guess I didn't miss out on all that much, after all.

And, yeah, pity that they censored the story like that, even if it was just a little bit.
03:55:39 PM Apr 27th 2010
The version I read (in the omnibus, I believe) omitted that phrase, but I recall there being a mention that the unnamed person who escaped from the pod was talking about a "shining city on a hill" when he left. I thought it was a pretty clear reference to Reagan.
09:48:55 PM Mar 2nd 2011
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I was too young to catch the reference, and when I read the version in the omnibus I thought it was a generic religious reference. Which gave the whole story the same sort of delicious ominousness as 'The initials were ZB'.

YMMV, I suppose.
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