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09:19:33 AM Nov 7th 2010
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Okay, so how young does a Young Entrepreneur have to be to fit this trope? As entertaining as the Real Life Examples are, there's a big difference between "Kid Entrepreneur" and "College-Age Young Adult Entrepreneur"
07:02:40 PM Nov 7th 2010
To me, the spirit of the trope is that the entrepreneur is unrealistically young to be involved in the types of businesses they tend to run, so just barely teenagers is always what's come to mind. Preferably, high school age is where I would like to draw the line. If they were in their latter years of high school, say junior or senior year, it might not be too farfetched for them to start thinking ahead and starting up a small business to support them as young adults. But for somebody that is still in grade school starting up a multi-billion dollar corporation and still living at home with their parents and doing stereotypical kid stuff, that's what this trope should try to focus on.
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