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04:04:10 AM Jun 16th 2017
For the Total War:Shogun 2 example (or at least the comment about it taking until WW1 for armies to stop using line formation, there are actually several very good reasons for that. 1) standing armies tended to manly fight natives either while conquering a new colony, or defending a colony. Since natives typically didn't have guns- or anywhere near the experience to use them effectively- Line formation was safe enough. 2) Cavalry. If you deploy your troops into Line formation, it's fairly easy to redeploy into Square formation if/when enemy Cavalry threaten your lines. If troops are spread out, then if you try to deploy inot a square, the cavalry will likely have broken the square before it even forms. (and if you don't, the cavalry can defeat your troops in detail) 3) it's actually a considerably different skillset to command troops using more modern tactics, because you have to account for movements of far smaller groups. (which is why tactical decisions are often taken by far lower-ranking officers than they previously would.) Quite simply, it took a LONG time for officers to develop the skillset nessecary,
05:56:16 AM Apr 30th 2016
Want to point out that Deus Ex one is false: 1) Default "untrained" level of skills already allows PC to use related weapon type [more or less] effective, pick locks, provide first aid, etc. Which is more than civilians (and most normal soldiers in game) can do. 2) Game allows you to redistribute starting skill points to be either "advanced" in one skill or "trained" in 2-3, where (judging by weapon skills) "trained" corresponds to the level of skill professional soldiers should have. Also "trained" in computers allows PC to easily hack into computer networks of some of the most powerful and paranoid organizations in the game world. 3) While JC Denton is indeed a "highly trained, nanotechnology-enhanced super soldier", it's worth mentioned that he is also fresh out of the academy and game events is quite literally his first day on the job. He has not worked a single day in the field and have never shot at something other than target dummies. Which is pointed multiple times during first missions of the game.
03:29:25 PM Nov 29th 2013
Anyone here played Warcraft 3's expansion? One mission has the Blood Elves settle on an island on the outskirts of Dalaran. In that mission, you can research quite a handful of upgrades. The next mission has the EXACT SAME island, the exact same protagonist, only 20 minutes after the end of the first mission. After the initial cutscene... well, time to re-research all the upgrades you researched half an hour ago.
08:35:22 AM Feb 23rd 2012
Love the FATAL example (in Tabletop games)
06:36:28 AM Mar 17th 2011
Bit of natter from the Civiliation examples:
  • "Research" is a particularly poor choice of words when applied to religious concepts, because religion is effectively the opposite of research. "Research" is also typically used in these games for other non-empirical concepts and philosophies.
    • Not really. The Catholic Church and virtually every other major religion was at the forefront of scientific research for almost the entirety of human civilization. The whole science vs religion issue is very recent and largely restricted to a very small percentage of priests and other religious authority figures. The scientific community is usually just as slow to embrace new scientific concepts as the church is normally portrayed as. For example, high ranking members in the Catholic church were among the first people to accept evolution and the big bang theory. The reason this is ignored is because both sides of the science vs religion argument decided to ignore this.
04:32:47 AM Mar 12th 2011
The vulture milk link is dead. Could it please be replaced by a internet archive version, or something else more useful?
10:32:50 PM Aug 15th 2010
Is it really neccesary to have the whole VG Cats comic here? I think just a 4 panel snippet, maybe even one panel, would do just fine. My recommendation would be panels 3 and 4.
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