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03:29:44 PM Jan 15th 2011
New Subtrope

I wondered if the "70s-80s sitcom version" of this should be a separate subtrope of this. Characteristics include female characters taking on characteristics of Straw Feminists, male characters acting like Straw Misogynists and some degree of character derailment involving male and female characters showing this behavior when it contradicts their usual personality and sometimes mars and Mars and Venus Gender Differences. Also might (though not neccessarily all the time) include examples of closer to earth, The Unfair Sex. Examples include the ones already listed and from some other shows around that time (including into the nineties). I think there was an episode of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of superman where they are led to a Chinese-American club that only allows men inside, trouble starts when Clark goes inside over Lois' protests and when they go back to Clark's apartment and his parents are their, Clark and his dad and Lois and Clark's pair up in this situation. Also an episode of the Olson's sitcom Two of a Kind where Ashley ignores Mary Kate's warnings and tries to date a boy in their class who is obsessed with sports and in the same episode their dad gets involved in a situation with Carrie one of her friends that ultimately results in them turning against him along gender lines. Eventually the two plotlines begin to overlap. I haven't actually seen any of these episodes in a few years so I'm sorry if I don't have better examples.
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