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12:02:14 PM Jul 27th 2011
What I don't get, is since it has always been called "quipping", why are we using a phrase from a video game that doesn't quite "sell" it? We even have a Quipping Butler page, but nothing about quipping, itself. This is really annoying when, for Spider-man, for example, is said to be doing THIS instead of quipping...
10:45:33 AM Feb 10th 2011
What's the difference between this and I Shall Taunt You? They seem pretty much the same.
05:08:09 PM Jun 9th 2011
Funny. I though that this was much closer to Words Can Break My Bones myself, insofar as sword technique seems governed by insult technique.

Per the description, I Shall Taunt You has the foe enraged and charging into a mistake... This Trope has the foe cowering in the face of the meaner insult.
05:26:44 AM Mar 28th 2010
We really need a less crappy image for this page. Not only is it poorly drawn, it has nothing to do with the actual trope, which is about witty insults during fights and not fighting cows.
09:10:10 PM Mar 28th 2010
I suck at doing images, but something from this page?
12:50:11 PM Mar 29th 2010
Or from here, maybe? Yes, I know OOTS pics are overdone, but it is fitting.
04:51:19 PM Jul 15th 2010
I was shocked and appalled at this thread until I realized it predated the current image.
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