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11:57:19 PM Apr 25th 2014
Believe the Real Life example involving Norman Finkelstein could be edited. Not the part about him, but about the "Israel's brutal policies against the Palestinians." There are people (myself included) who would say have home-made rockets daily shot at you and continually have civilians, including children, targeted for attack justifies some sort of response. Imagine any other country criticized by the international community for responding to non-stop terrorism and political blackmail. I understand not everyone sees the Israeli-Palistine conflict that way, which is why that example should be edited, not deleted.
04:29:54 PM Dec 6th 2012
What about Becoming what you hate? Because your fighting it/him forces you to duplicate his methods including the very thing you hated?

To me the Austin Vs Mc Mahon feud from late 97-99 embodies this. Vince's opposition to Austin being the Champ started because Vince was very Lawful and thought Austin's Chatoic behavior would be bad publicity for the Company. But over the course of the War he start mocking Austin so much that it becomes Second Nature to the point where Vince's behavior is far more Embarrassing.

If there is already one and I missed please direct me to it, but I don't think it should be simply included in his, it's a very different Philosophical concept to me.
03:17:59 PM Jan 4th 2013
Not sure if you're still looking for an answer, but He Who Fights Monsters is pretty close to what you're describing...
09:32:47 PM Apr 25th 2011
Removed this:

Statler: I'm pretty sure we are what we hate
Waldorf: How so?
Statler: We're on this TV Tropes page!
Both: Do-ho-ho-ho-hoh!

If someone thinks they can rewrite it to avoid anti-TV Tropes stuff, go ahead. If not, it should stay gone.
01:49:02 PM Jun 6th 2013
Ridiculously late, but... really? Cutting this seems silly. At least, as much as any other Statler and Waldorf... they're always negative. Cutting it for being about TV Tropes is just silly.
03:31:17 PM Jul 29th 2013
Agreed. Reinstated the phrase.
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