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03:26:19 AM Nov 21st 2011
Is it just me, or does Yiddish have as many words for 'loser' as the Eskimos do for snow? Putz, yutz, schmuck, shlep, shmoe, schlimazel, shlemiel, klutz, shmendrik, shmeggegie . . .
11:24:20 PM Jun 10th 2011
  • [Re: The Joker, in Batman: The Animated Series]
    • Justified. However few people can speak it fluently anymore, Yiddish has tons of wonderfully colorful terms for expressing emotions. And, of course, there is the Undead Horse Trope stereotyping comedians as Ashkenazi New Yorkers...
      • "Few people can speak it fluently?" There are whole communities where Yiddish is the vernacular!
      • "Few people can speak it fluently?" You don't live in Israel. When you pass here, go to Bene Berak (Bnei Brak). You'll hear more Yiddish than Hebrew.
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