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07:31:48 PM Aug 19th 2014
A forum I have, where I discuss a possible overlooked example of this Trope. And I link to T Vtropes
01:17:33 AM Aug 20th 2014
That sounds a bit off to me. Yellow Peril is not a purely racial trope, it's also a cultural discrimination trope. And the only coincidence with Dracula is one facial reconstruction - sounds a bit weak to me.
06:25:25 AM Jun 4th 2013
A few examples seem more like "the villain happens to be Asian," especially the more modern ones in contemporary settings. Would that constitute misuse?

The example I'm thinking specifically is the Snakes on a Plane example. He's just an Asian Gangster (in Hawaii no less).
07:43:16 AM Sep 10th 2013
I agree. I think this page needs to be rewritten so that there's some criteria to distinguish between "yellow peril villain" and "any villain who happens to be Asian". Perhaps a certain number of yellow peril cliches or a certain level of dehumanization in the portrayal.
02:57:12 PM Sep 7th 2014
I was just wondering about this myself.
12:29:41 AM Feb 18th 2012
edited by eedwardgrey3
'Coming from a Belgian, this is something of a case of grey and black morality, not that Herge was your typical Belgian colonial'.

Actually he used to be. Tin Tin in the Congo is infamous for its boatload of Unfortunate Implications, and Herge himself considers it an Old Shame. He portrayed China more accurate and nuanced because he had moved along since and one of his best friends was Chinese.
08:01:07 AM Jul 13th 2011
edited by R.G.
How's this for an inversion: the White Peril, in which a Charlie Chan style chinese descended detective faces off against a Professor Moriarty type.
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