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09:46:56 PM May 30th 2016
Alright, so, what is this trope? Is it Ship Tease? The other post here seems to think it has to be official to qualify, but the trope itself says "Put canon examples on the BL genre page"... what about canon M/M pairings clearly intended to appeal to yaoi fangirls, that aren't from romance-genre stories? "Characters whose main role is yaoi fanservice" seems to be a description worthy of a trope page, this just seems... sort of redundant. Also, all of that about "These characters are stereotypes, can only be in these occupations, do not reflect real life" etc. etc... isn't accurate at all to even that description. Maybe it was at some point but... see the entire cast of K. All heavily implied BL pairings. Very diverse cast of types (within reason, that is to say, to the same level a non-BL series would be).
07:02:44 PM Feb 21st 2012

This is fanon and shipping. I pared it down.

Can't deny there's subtext, but it's also not acknowledged in the same way some of the other CLAMP examples are and it can easily be read other ways.

  • Lantis and Eagle of Magic Knight Rayearth - although they are not official in the anime version (And are both actually in love with the very female Messiah), but they give off more than their share of yaoi vibes throughout the course of the series' second half.

Just going by this description it sounds more like Ho Yay.

  • Cain and Riff from Count Cain and Godchild. Also Cassian and Dr. Jizabel Disraeli. Both pairings are practically canon but never confirmed (except for Cain and Riff because Kaori Yuki said they weren't a couple). I think it's a matter of everyone wanting Cain really.
    • There's an author's note about the high percentage of homosexual butlers in Victorian England. Riff is the only one allowed to touch Cain's scars. AND THEN KAORI YUKI CLAIMS THEY HAVE A PLATONIC RELATIONSHIP.
      • As of volume eight there is conclusive evidence that Cain has never seen Riff without a shirt.
    • Don't forget Oscar. Turns out Cain knew Oscar was in love with him and not Mary the whole time.

Natter issues aside, we have a Word Of Not Gay here. Rules it out.

Any mistakes should just be moved back, but please clarify them as needed.
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