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09:00:21 PM Feb 27th 2014
Greg Egan

How exactly can Greg Egan not be mentioned here? Hell, he has perspectives of creatures that don't even live in a universe that exists in the same way ours does.

I'm thinking in particular of Incandescence, which has long tracts of narrative narrated by a small grub-thing with strange social motivations and sapience that basically turns on and off as needed.
03:38:27 AM Feb 28th 2014
Perchance nobody added him yet. The latter seems alike a good example at any rate.
01:48:11 AM Mar 20th 2013
Do works about transhumans count, if they appear superficially human but one of the main points of the work is how these transhumans do not behave like modern humans do?
11:47:58 PM Feb 17th 2011
Removed this:


Wall-E is in every way a human brain in a trashcan-robot. He displays none of the personalities that would be expected of a programmed machine (following programming, etc). He watches TV, is fascinated by a particular movie, takes junk home from his job, etc. He even falls in love.

The only human thing he *doesn't* do is talk. As the trope page says, "if you can replace the non-humans with (maybe superpowered) humans without too much trouble, it's probably not Xenofiction." And that's what we have in Wall-E. It may be about something that is technically a robot. But he never behaves like a robot.
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