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04:07:34 PM Jun 9th 2013
What happened to the YMMV for this page?
10:49:54 PM Jun 9th 2013
Someone deleted the icon for it on the main page. Just look for "subpages" near the top and click the little arrow to bring up a menu. Then, click "YMMV." It's still there, just sort've "hidden," for some reason.
12:36:33 AM Jun 10th 2013
The page type used to be "work", and works get YMMV pages. However, it's now "usefulnote", and YMMV pages aren't encouraged for those. The subpage is still there but the tab for it isn't, because the page type has been changed.
09:17:36 PM May 26th 2013
Are Microsoft/Sony set to be the new Atari for the games industry? Let's find out... stay tuned for more!! *munches snacks*... mmm, popcorn!!
11:17:32 PM Jun 10th 2013
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Only in worst scenario, which unfortunately for Microsoft, is quite likely to happen. In fact, there's a good chance that PS4 will do what PS2 did to Sega Dreamcast to Microsoft Xbox ONE.

We have seen how PS3 have fared back in the day. And now an even more awesome Xbox 3 (no offense, Xbox 3 sounds better than the "boned" Xbox ONE) is ready to roll... except that Micro$oft broke this totally awesome console in its boxes.
06:54:58 AM Jun 11th 2013
... or Microsoft will be tremendously successful because its device appeals to casual gamers. Honestly, it's a gambit. They're pretty much rejecting the hardcore gaming crowd for the casual gamers who also want a multimedia device.

It's honestly quite interesting to me. It's going to determine the path of console gaming... if this succeeds over the PS4, then chances are the next generation will be the same.
08:17:59 PM May 22nd 2013
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Okay, this reads less like a trope page and more like a motherfucking commercial. This needs cleaning. Badly. I already took out the part that referred to the reactions, but this is still a disaster zone.

EDIT: Not an issue anymore. I got rid of a lot of natter and whining.
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