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07:48:17 PM Aug 20th 2014
In a meta example, could it be said that any and all OCs a person makes have some aspects of said person built into them, however unintentionally? After all, writing is a form of self-expression and self-expression allows people to put themselves into their works in some form or another.
12:09:44 AM Aug 21st 2014
Seems more like a general example to me, which isn't worth listing.
03:50:38 PM Jan 8th 2013

Yeah ... I'm not convinced that "can fake an American accent" indicates that an ex-British Army merc is based on an ex-Footlights actor. He might be based on the sort of character Laurie thought he could play in the movie, but that's not the same thing.
04:07:26 PM Mar 20th 2012
A lot of these examples seem to fall under Creator Cameo and Adam Westing. I reccommend a full clean-up.
07:44:24 AM May 9th 2013
Agreed: if a character is supposed to be the author, then one can hardly say that character is based on the author.
04:15:19 PM May 9th 2013
Removed the following entries, as they don't really fit the trope: the characters aren't based on anyone, they are the people:

  • John Ostrander himself appeared as a supporting character in Supergirl three years before he started writing for DC Comics (he was a friend of writer Paul Kupperberg.)
  • John Byrne was brought along to witness the Trial of Reed Richards when the Shi'ar put Reed on trial for saving Galactus' life, in a Fantastic Four story.
    • In fact, many Marvel employees appear in the Marvel universe, since Marvel Comics actually exists on Earth-616, only they are mere chroniclers of the "real life" adventures of the 'verse's superheroes.
  • Author Clive Cussler makes cameo appearances in many of his Dirk Pitt novels, in scenes in which he provides Pitt with a critical clue to whatever's going on in the current book or lends him some cool vehicle with which to save the day.
  • Kinky Friedman is a character in all of Kinky Friedman's novels.
  • Douglas Coupland makes a minor appearance as himself in Jpod.

09:36:27 AM Dec 18th 2010
Why no film section under real life examples?
03:47:47 PM Jan 8th 2013
Because no-one can think of any examples from film, presumably.
09:49:25 PM Jun 20th 2010
What happened to the article on "Write What You Know"?
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