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08:08:37 PM Oct 19th 2017
My Red Cross first aid app says putting an unconscious person in the recovery position is still advisable even if they might have a spinal injury. So can we discuss whether using the recovery position on people with spinal injuries is really an example of Worst Aid, and possibly removing examples founded on that assumption?
06:40:06 AM Dec 24th 2014
Gone with the Wind - Bonnie while ridign her horse takes a tumble at a fence. Rhett runs and picks her up - kid had suffered a neck fracture leading to her death.

Correct process - as said - stabilise head, logroll onto spineboard....

11:18:53 PM Oct 14th 2012
"In one famous case, lifeguards were resuscitating a victim, but instead of breathing, they were saying, "breath, breath" as they did in practice."

So famous, apparently, I can't find any links to it.
10:39:41 AM Apr 24th 2011
If anyone has a screencap from Oregon Trail with "Rub salt in the wound" it would fit in well here.
11:58:43 AM Jun 25th 2010
Re Anne of Green Gables, ipecac being administered to croupy child - take a look here..

Turns out that the protocol change re ipecac and croup happened in 2005. As Anne Shirley is doing this before WW1, the 19th century protocol,that it was the thing to do, would have held sway. Trope averted due to point in time?

12:05:44 PM Jun 25th 2010
08:05:05 PM Jun 25th 2010
Maybe someone responsible for the main page could update?

03:44:54 PM Jun 7th 2014
Should we take out the Examples and turn this into an Index page? After all, there are all pages for the specific problems that come up from Worst Aid; this is kind of redundant.
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